10 Minutes is all you need

The SnoreFree® Therapy tackles your snoring at its root cause, improves your articulation and helps boosting your immune system by providing a good sleep.

Sleep Better. Live Better.

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The 3 origin locations of Snoring

Regarding the anatomy of the throat

At the rear, soft palate

At the rear, soft palate

when the velum and the uvula relaxe and vibrate in the air stream.

At the base of the tongue

At the base of the tongue

when the tongue slides back into the throat blocking the airway.

At the entrance of the larynx

At the entrance of the larynx

when the epiglottis covers the trachea shutting the access to the lungs.

Snoring is bad for health

The longer and louder a person snores, the greater the long-term risk of stroke. Snoring and sleep apnoea lead to high blood pressure and lack of oxygen at the heart.

  • Loss of over 2 hours of sleep
  • Strains your relationship
  • Daytime tiredness and fatigue due oxygen deprivation
  • Decreased performance in everyday life
  • Dry mouth in the morning
  • Recurring headache
  • Lack of concentration during the day

The SnoreFree Method

  • was invented by Vienna based speech therapist & anti-snoring specialist Dario Lindes. He developed his special method in over 13 years of his therapeutic practice. Like a voice training for singers & speakers it targets the muscles in the mouth & throat area.
  • In more than 80% of our users, a clear improvement in sleep quality and a significant reduction in snoring noises can be observed after just a few weeks.
  • Deep and recreational sleep is an important factor for better quality of life, more productivity and vitality by day and, last but not least, more harmony in your bedroom.
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SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App
SnoreFree App

SnoreFree features

  • 49 easy to follow video exercises
  • Guided 4 Level training plan
  • Personalised for best results
  • Clearly structured dashboard
  • Daily reminder alert - never forget a workout again
  • Anatomical animations for better understanding
  • Calming meditations to fall asleep more easily
  • Tips & Tricks about sleep hygiene, well-being & fitness

Your Benefits

With only 10 minutes of daily training you can noticeably reduce your snoring and remarkably improve your quality of sleep and life after only 3-4 weeks.

  • Treats your snoring the natural way
  • Improves your relationship drastically
  • Helps your immune system
  • Advances your articulation
  • Enhances your sleep cycle
  • Finally sleep through again

Snoring facts

  • Snoring is usually caused by muscular weakness in the mouth and throat.
  • Worldwide, 2 billion people suffer from snoring. More than 936 million affected by obstructive sleep apnea.
  • More than 500 million partners of heavy snorers lose 2h of their sleep every day.
  • 40% of our users are female.

Sleep better & live better.

10 Snore Free Tips & Tricks for healthier sleep and restful nights

Don’t let snoring ruin your relationship or a good night’s sleep. Learn some effective remedies and new ways to get your sleep back.

  1. Turn onto your side

    This reduces the pressure on your chin and airways, which prevents them from closing and causing snoring.

    Hugging the partner is enough to turn him over.

  2. Get the right pillow

    The best pillow for you is the one that feels most comfortable. We advice smaller flatter pillows so your neck can rest too and your back can stretch relaxed.

    Place you old pillow behind your back.

  3. Fix your sleep cycle

    Your snoring increases the more tired you are. But beware, an oxymoron: the louder you snore, the more tired you become.

    Give yourself plenty of time to rest.

  4. No Alcohol Before Bed

    When you fall asleep drunk, your muscles relax and your throat tends to close. A small glass of wine releases the sleep hormone melatonin. Just one small beer makes you sleepy, too.

    Avoid alcohol for 3-4 hours before sleep.

  5. Turn your extra weight into muscles

    Even a small amount of excess weight can put extra pressure on your neck when you’re sleeping. Find a sport you like and set yourself an initial goal.

    Start slowly into your training.

  6. Get outside

    Fresh air makes you feel better tired. Vitamin D from sunlight makes you also happy and healthier.

    Walks in the evening are also romantic.

  7. Late night, hot shower.

    The hot steam frees you from nasal and throat congestion. Inhaling cleanses the mucous membranes in the upper airways and increases their circulation. Stubborn mucus in the nose and bronchial tubes can be blown out more easily.

    You should always have a towel with you anyway.

  8. Sorry Pizza-Man!

    People who are well rested have fewer cravings for unhealthy, fatty foods. Fruit before bedtime leads to restless sleep.

    Don't eat later then 8pm.

  9. Get enough sleep.

    The recommended seven to eight hours of sleep make you more refreshed during your day. Fact, short sleepers cause more accidents.

    Get up slowly in the morning.

  10. Hang your bedding in fresh air.

    Dust and mites quickly clog the nose. The nasal mucous membranes swell and the snoring monster is awakened.

    Change your bed linen every week.

SnoreFree is for

  • Loud snorers facing relationship problems
  • Want to sleep through again
  • Suffering from mild sleep apnea
  • Wakes up exhausted and is tired during the day
  • General loss of performance
  • Already tried other approaches
  • My snoring has decreased markedly.

  • It’s like Yoga for your mouth.

  • I was able to develop a body awareness in this area.

  • Solid app that works, great customer service!

  • Finally, peace has returned to our bedroom.

  • I've also lessened grinding my jaws with the workouts. I'm loving it so far.


Apple AppStore Global Average Rating

We are happy to: help@snorefree.com

SnoreFree App UtilityPack

The SnoreFree UtilityPack

All tools for your SnoreFree workout in a practical package. It contains 12 different utensils, in total over 50 pieces.


The SnoreFree training utensils

For some of the SnoreFree exercises you'll need an additional device. A few of them, such as a cork or a drinking straw, can be found in your household, in your kitchen for instance. Others are a little more difficult to get. To make your training success easier, we have assembled the most essential of them in a practical package.

The SnoreFree UtilityPack

All tools for your SnoreFree workout in a practical package. It contains 12 different utensils, in total over 50 pieces.

Order here
Big white wafer - ø 40 mm

A very thin, flimsy pastry made of water, flour and starch (also gluten-free). Can be purchased in supermarkets and grocery stores in the bakery section as edible paper or baking wafers - or also as a Christian communion wafer or sacramental bread in church supply warehouses.

30 in the UtilityPack
Small confetti wafer - ø 14 mm

The small confeti wafers are made of the same ingredients like the big white wafer, and they are also available in different shapes like butterflies, stars and hearts. The shape doesn't make a difference for the exercise, the only important thing that counts is that they are small enough to fit on the tip of your tongue and the front palate point.

~50 in the UtilityPack
Small latex ring - ø 10 mm

Colored Dental rings, skin-friendly, anti-allergic, made of latex. Kitchen rubber rings of the smallest size can also be used, fold them so that the rubber ring fits on the tip of your tongue.

10 in the UtilityPack
Wooden spatula

Medical mouth spatula, available in pharmacies, drugstores or medical supply shops. You can also use a (plastic) spoon, pencil or Chinese chopstick for the exercises with spatulas.

5 in the UtilityPack
Drinking straw slim - ø 3 mm

Also known as Sangria straw. If you don't have such an extra-slim drinking straw, you can also use a toothpick for the tongue-pointing, and a normal thick drinking straw to stick it at the tip of the tongue.

5 in the UtilityPack
Drinking straw thick - ø 8 mm

You can take any normal drinking straw. You can often get them for free in fast food restaurants, where they are usually available to the guests.

5 in the UtilityPack
Hose thin - ø 0.9 mm

Skin-friendly anti-allergenic medical cannula tube made of silicone as for an infusion. Usually only available in bulk from medical retailers and doctors' supplies.

2 in the UtilityPack
Hose ultra-thin - ø 0.3 mm

This ultra-thin version of the medical silicone tube addresses your suction power extraordinarily.

2 in the UtilityPack
Hose thick - ø 8 mm

Thick medical silicone tube. Also available as aquarium tubes, or as watering tubes in hardware stores (gardening section).

2 in the UtilityPack
Wine cork

Keep and collect corks from empty wine (or champagne) bottles and clean them. If you don't have a cork at hand, you can use a piece of a carrot, or put two fingers vertically (on top of each other) in your mouth between your teeth. For the mouth opening applies: the wider the better.

3 in the UtilityPack
Cotton swab

Basically you can use any cotton swab from a drugstore or supermarket. However, the medical cotton swabs we send you are a little longer, have a longer shaft, and so you can reach better your throat and the rearmost tongue section.

10 in the UtilityPack

Our blue SnoreFree balloons with our logo imprinted. But you can also use any other normal balloon by your own choice. For instance, lift one at the next children's party!

5 in the UtilityPack

Instead of a pudding, you can also use a very thick yoghurt (for instance of sheep's milk), a very thick creme or any similar product of the same fat consistency. Important is only that the pulp is so viscous that it provides you the highest possible effort for the sucking. Basically, the thicker the better.

Fragrance source

Preferably a flower, or a mild discreet perfume, or a gentle essential oil. Recommended: all kind of peppermint notes such as menthol, camphor, tiger balm, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or also aloe vera, ylang-ylang, lavender, jasmine, lemon balm, Melissa, lemongrass, and other herbs.


You can use any glass, cup, or mug. Fact: An adult should drink two and a half litres of water per day.


A normal toothbrush, which you probably have at home, is sufficient for the tongue massage exercise. However, you can also get yourself a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner.

Drinking bottle

A sports water bottle from your bike or a plastic bottle with a very narrow spout would be ideal for the bottle-sucking exercise.

Gummy bear

Instead of gummy bears you could also use a sugar cube, a sultana, a nut, or any other candy (gumdrops). Enjoy the taste.

Smartphone stand

Our super-practical SnoreFree smartphone stand. Helps you doing the exercises - because you have your hands free.

1 in the UtilityPack
Hygiene advice

Allow your utensils to dry in the fresh air for a few hours before placing them in a closed container and sealing them - do not store them in a damp place! The best way to clean the thin silicone tubes is to simply suck a glass of water through them.

Have fun training. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. help@snorefree.com

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